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Closed Alpha & NDA Update

4 weeks ago by Bossa Poppy

After months of playtests, updates, patch-notes, bugs, and absolutely brilliant glitches, the Surgeon Simulator 2 closed alpha ends on Friday 17th July at 5PM UTC.

What will happen to the alpha game?

From 5PM UTC, you will no longer be able to access the alpha build in the Epic Store. You may be wondering what’s going to happen with all the wonderful levels you’ve created during the alpha. Well, levels will still exist in the game come launch. There’s a risk a few aspects of your level might break as we continue updating and altering the game, but your level will still be there and just require some maintenance and re-validation to go live.

Are playtesters will under NDA?

There’s something else happening at 5PM UTC on Friday 17th July: the pesky Surgeon 2 NDA is dropping! This means that you’re now free to share screenshots, GIFs, and videos from the Surgeon 2 alpha! These can be from any point of the alpha, even from the beginning. So, feel free to spam your social with all things Surgeon 2 related!

Can I still stick around in the Discord?

Of course! We’re not booting people from the Discord, regardless of if they’ve bought the game or not. The Discord will remain private until beta when it becomes a public server for everyone to enjoy.

The closed alpha has been a truly amazing experience, and it’s been so wonderful having such a great bunch of playtesters onboard to help make Surgeon 2 the best game it can possibly be! More information can be found on the #faq channel on Discord. Make sure to pre-order Surgeon 2 to be a part of beta (and get some snazzy cosmetics!).