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Doctor’s Notes: 200521

1 month ago by Bossa Poppy

Surgeons! It’s full steam ahead to bring Surgeon Simulator 2 to Steam later this year, and behind the surgical curtains, the dev team have been super busy working on making general improvements and accessibility adjustments to the game. You’ll notice that today, you can update your game to version This game version will have a few new features, including: 

  • Controller support! We’re officially supporting controllers, so you can opt to use your left stick and d-pad to complete a tricky surgery, rather than keyboard and mouse. The controller is currently supported in all game modes except Creation Mode — there are still a few things to iron out with that one. If you spot any bugs or issues with controller support, please flag ‘em up here.
  • Coyote time has been introduced, giving players a brief 0.2 second grace period after walking off a ledge/surface to then be able to jump. Don’t disappear into the surgical abyss, save yourself with a jump! This is one of a handful of locomotion improvements — you’ll also notice that your surgeon’s arm is now extended by default.
  • Speaking of jumping around the surgery, we’ve also made general improvements to jumping in-game. These improvements will be most noticeable in levels with ledges, such as ‘Match 4.’ These improvements also impact travel distance/launch height, so levels like ‘Panel Smash’ can be completed.
  • General level changes have been made, with minor improvements in mind. You may notice some subtle differences in ‘Exploratory Surgery’, which should make the level more enjoyable for all your exploratory surgeons out there. 

We hope these changes improve your surgical experience as a whole! Remember, if you’re experiencing any in-game bugs, you can reach out to our support team here. There’s a handy list of known bugs here, too.

You can give feedback or suggestions for in-game changes, improvements or additions by joining our Discord channel here – we’re all about co-operation at Bossa HQ. 

See you later, operator!