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Doctor’s Notes: Playtest #E.4 – 4th July

1 month ago by Bossa Poppy

From 6 PM UTC, a new wave of players will enter the Surgeon Simulator 2 surgery. This Saturday will be the last opportunity for people to experience Surgeon 2 for free, with the closed-alpha running until July 17th. Take that as your reminder to get your friends to sign-up with their email address on the Surgeon 2 website, as now’s the time to show ‘em what they’re missing!

Once the plug is pulled on the closed-alpha, you’ll need to pre-order the game to play the beta, or hang-on until the game is released in August. It’ll be worth the wait, we promise! 

Here are some of the new things you can expect to see in-game from Saturday onwards:

New Levels!

You guessed it! In the past few weeks, the team has been working hard on creating some new levels for players to enjoy in Story Mode. So, from Saturday, there will be some new Bossa-created levels for you to enjoy. 

Moreover, based on the feedback from the previous playtest, we’ve modified a handful of the existing levels. The modifications include general debugging, and also some changes to how the level is set out and played, to make sure it’s as enjoyable as can be. 

Text Chat Enabled 

We’ve brought text chat into the game! Previously, voice chat was the only way to communicate with people in your party. In a bid to improve accessibility, and ensure players are comfortable whilst tackling Surgeon 2, text chat options are now available. 

To use text chat, just hit the enter key when you’ve partied up with other players.

Photo Mode Meet Creation Mode

Wanna show off the level you’re working on? Take the most impressive pictures using the photo mode tool, which is available to use when you’ve entered Bossa Labs: Creation Mode. The photo mode tool allows you to take arty screengrabs of your levels, and use different filters to make sure you’re securing the most aesthetically pleasing screenshots possible!

Photo mode can be found in the Quick Wheel whilst in Creation Mode. 

New Unlockable Cosmetics!

We’ve truly gone cosmetic mad. There are now more cosmetics to be unlocked playing the Surgeon 2 Story Mode! From suave suits to truly terrifying Bob-heads, there are many more obscure cosmetics to truly customise your surgeon, in the best and worst way possible. 

The Return of Text Signs

You spoke, we listened! Editable text props and now back in Creation Mode, meaning you can now add text overlays to different props. This should enrich player-made levels, as now, players are able to type-up instructions for levels or create bespoke signs as guidance around their level. 

General Improvements

From a mechanics perspective, the team has been hard at work improving the gameplay experience. Improvements have been made to the general surgery mechanics of Surgeon 2, including the Bob Station prop.

In addition to this, Quick Play is now fed by player-made levels, meaning it’s easier for you to enjoy the levels created by your peers. On top of this, we’ve improved broad aspects of the Creation Mode, with more consistent Level Favouriting. 

We really hope you enjoy this playtest, as it’s the last chance for us to show-off what Surgeon Simulator 2 is all about, and hopefully encourage you to continue being a player and order the full game! 

As always, if you capture any good clips or spot any bugs, make sure to send your videos to the Dropbox here

See you later, operator!