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Funfair Themed Challenge: Winner!

12 months ago by Bossa Poppy

We got to experience horrificly scary rides, laundy-themed bumper cars and win ourselves some ducks, bears and mugs… all from within Surgeon Simulator 2!

If you didn’t catch the Discord stream on Tuesday night, we can reassure you that Edd, Oli, and I had an absolute blast playing the funfair themed levels the community came-up with.

The only thing missing was the candyfloss but, besides that, it was an extremely authentic fair experience– right down to the terrifying rides that would not pass health and safety standards.

Everyone (almost!) maxed out the prop limits, but each level truly had the ‘wow’ value, from Olie’s prize dispensing machine to Budgie’s circus tent.

The winner, though, is Pizzanaut! We were bowled over by the attention to detail and creativeness using the props at hand, particularly with the red-syringe drop ride.

This was the last competition for a while, as it creeps closer to July 17 when closed-alpha finishes. Competitions will then resume post-launch, so keep your eyes peeled! Thank you to everyone who’s spent the time making something in Surgeon Simulator 2; playing community-made levels has been the highlight for most Bossian’s on the Surgeon 2 team.