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Level Creation Challenge: Space!

3 months ago by Bossa Poppy

Let’s face it: we could all probably do with a little break from planet Earth round about now. For this competition, we’re asking you to create a space-themed level using the Bossa Labs Creation Mode.

By space-theme, we mean all things space. Space ships, space stations, space centres, rocket ships, UFOs… you get the idea! There are a lot of space options!

Again: your level doesn’t have to include any wild and wacky puzzles. We just very much enjoying walkin’ round, takin’ it all in and exploring the atmosphere.

To help you out with this challenge, we’ve added a brand new in-game texture, so you can see the stars from within Surgeon 2. This texture is available in build, so make sure you’ve exited and updated the game!

To enter the competition, you just need to:

  1. Create your space-themed level using the Bossa Labs Creation Mode, found on the terminal.
  2. Publish your level, making sure to include ‘Space Challenge‘ in the title or description.
  3. Complete the validation process; your level won’t be publicly playable until then.
  4. Let us know in the Discord when you’ve uploaded a level! You can tag Poppy, and also encourage other community members to play it.

You have until Monday 8th June at 10AM BST to upload your space-themed level.

Our favourite level (as decided by the community staff and members of the Surgeon 2 team) will win both a real-life piece of Surgeon 2 merchandise and an in-game bit of swag. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 10th June.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!