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Level Validation Process

3 months ago by Bossa Poppy

As mentioned in the May patch notes, we’ve introduced a level validation process for all player-created levels. Yes, a validation process might sound a little dry, but it’s here to make sure that as we have more players enjoying Surgeon 2 and utilising Bossa Labs to make levels, that these levels are 100% playable and suitable to be enjoyed by all. 

When you create your level and publish it, the level will enter a validation stage, which will require a few points to tick off before it goes public. 

Multiplayer level validation 

When you create a level that requires multiple players, it will need to be played through by at least the minimum number of players required (i.e. a 2 – 4 person level will need to be played through with at least two people) from start to finish. 

Moreover, the triggers in the level will need to be completed, so your win, loss, or end-state scenario(s) will need to be finished to ensure everything is working correctly. 

You may have to play the level up to three times to cover all different scenarios, so make sure your team of players are available to help with this! 

You won’t have to play any levels more than three times through, as there are only three possible outcomes in the Creation Mode: win, lose, and end.

Single-player level validation

If your level is for one player only, you’ll still need to play through the level in its entirety in order to complete the validation stage. Similar to the multiplayer validation, all the triggers will need to be completed. 

For example: if there’s one trigger to win the level, two triggers that cause you to lose the level and three triggers that can end the level, you’d need to play the level three times, to make sure that each trigger is complete (once for winning, once for winning and once for losing). It doesn’t matter if there are multiple triggers for the same outcome, so long as that outcome (win, lose or end) is completed once.


If you’re planning on making a level that’s aimed for two or more players, make sure you have a friend handy to help you complete the validation steps. Remember to play through every outcome of your level to make sure it’s all working, covering your win, lose, and end scenarios.

Once the steps are completed, your level will then auto-publish to the terminal for everyone to enjoy and ta-da: you’re now a level creator!