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Space Themed Challenge: Winner!

2 months ago by Bossa Poppy

Another Surgeon 2 competition down, another reminder that our community are undoubtedly more talented than we Bossa employees are…

Two weeks ago, we asked you to create a space-themed level! We weren’t too sure what to expect: space-stations, shuttles, ships… maybe even aliens? The community delivered, though, with three absolutely mind-blowing levels made by Pizzanaut, Budgie, and EmmaMema.

This has easily been our favourite competition theme (to date) and it’s so interesting and inspiring to see how you take our lil surgery game and turn it into something completely unrelated!

The devil’s in the detail, and Pizzanaut’s ‘Hanger Escape‘ level featured (what we can only assume to be) a replica space station hanger, and impressive hangar door triggers that we didn’t even know were possible!

EmmaMema’s level, ‘Space Station Salvage‘ incorporated both space and surgery. Surgery is already hard enough, but try doing it when all the healthy organs are hidden around an impressively large and detailed space station!

The winner of this competition, though, is our very own Budgie! Budgie’s level was a little more sinister, with the ‘Mother turned on us!’ level featuring loads of puzzles and traps that were frankly to clever for me and the QA team…

It took us three or four attempts to complete the level, and each time, we’d find something new! We missed half of the damn story, but we still had an absolute blast playing the level and it’s made us keen to go back and rediscover what else is hiding in this overrun base…

Thank you, Budgie, for making such a detailed and challenging level! We’re sorry we sucked at it, but don’t worry, we’ll be sending some Surgeon 2 merch your way.

A big shoutout to everyone who entered. I highly recommend you play the community made levels, as they absolutely rule! Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition which will be announced shortly.