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The Community $potlight Initiative is Changing!

1 year ago by Bossa Poppy

As you may know, we launched the Community $potlight initiative to coincide with the launch of Surgeon Simulator 2 in August. This is an important initiative, as it rewards players for the incredible levels they create using the game’s extensive Creation Mode. We’ve seen some absolutely amazing levels created in the last three months, from Portal-themed levels right through to theme parks. 

To make sure Community $potlight is truly the best it can be, we’ve decided to pause Community $potlight with immediate effect, meaning there won’t be any winners announced from now onwards until we re-start the initiative in the New Year. 

It’s important we make sure the competition is fun and fair for everybody, so hang fire whilst we prepare our plan to make Community $potlight even bigger and better.

In the meantime, please keep making your brilliant and inspiring levels. Any levels you make now will still be eligible to enter into a future community $potlight competition. All of us at Bossa love to see your weird and wonderful creations, and we’ll still be doing community streams playing through community-made levels because we just have such fun playing them! 

If you have any feedback or ideas on Community $potlight, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.